Gold Medallion Media Awards 

I’m very happy to be among the finalists for QLD Male Artist of the Year in the Gold Medallion Media Awards. A huge thank you to all the radio announcers around the country, Kross Kut Records and my beautiful wife Sue, your support is so very much appreciated! Congratulations to all artists in all categories, keep up the great work and best of luck to everyone!

TSA Awards update 

I’m very happy to learn that my song ‘Travelling With You’ has made the semi-finals in the Tamworth Songwriters Association songwriting awards. Lots of great songs have made it through, good luck everybody!

Australian Songwriting Contest 2018 

I’m really happy to have received 7th place in the 2018 Australian Songwriting Contest for my ballad ‘The Ball of String’, which I think my dad will be happy about 😊 It’s the first song I ever recorded at Kross Kut Records and still one of my favourites. And nice to make Top 10 two years in a row 😊

National Old Time Music Festival 

What a privilege it was to be invited to perform at the National Old Time Music Festival in Le Mars, Iowa! We had a fantastic time there, meeting so many wonderful people and fellow artists and songwriters, and sharing some Australian country music with them. And from the feedback we heard it seemed to be very well received. 

While there, I was presented with the award for "Real Country CD of the Year", for the album "Travelling With You", and was inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, by the National Traditional Country Music Association of America. This is a huge honour, of which I am both humbled and proud. Thank you so much Bob Everhart, the NTCMA, and the people of Le Mars for a wonderful time!

"One Phone Call Every Year" going well! 

I'm very excited to have some news come through that "One Phone Call Every Year", the second single from my "Travelling With You" album, reached #3 in the International Mainstream Country Music Charts for airplay in April this year. At the same time I made #2 in the Artists chart, and am extremely honoured to be listed among such amazing talent!

A huge thank you to all the radio stations and presenters for playing my songs, to my wonderful wife Sue for all your encouragement and support, and to Waddo and Reegan at Kross Kut records. None of it would happen without all of you!

Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards 

I am very excited to be nominated in a couple of categories of the 2018 Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards, for National Country Album of the Year and National Male Vocalist of the Year. I'm both proud and humbled to be listed among such brilliant artists, and wish them all good luck! So thankful for Waddo and Reegan at Kross Kut Records, my beautiful wife Sue, and all the radio stations and presenters for your support and encouragement. It would never happen without you :)

In the charts in Tassie! 

Nice to see "Tracky Dacks", a light-hearted song about caravanning, in at #28. I haven't actually released this song as a single, so I'm very pleased with the airplay it's getting. A big thank you to all the stations and presenters in Tasmania :)

Heading to the USA! 

I have been given official word that my album "Travelling With You" has been awarded "Real Country CD of the Year" by the Rural Roots Music Commission in Iowa, USA. To say I am excited is an understatement! I'm very honoured, and both humbled and proud. A huge thank you to my super encouraging wife Sue, to Waddo and Reegan at Kross Kut Records, and the many other encouragers and supporters along the way. Thank you. We'll be heading to Iowa at the end of August to play at the festival and accept the award. Can't wait! 
The album is available right here in my store, with a very special digital download price to celebrate :)

Boondooma Festival coming up! 

I'm really looking forward to the Boondooma Balladeers and Heritage Muster, and am honoured to be included in the artist line-up this year. It's a wonderful historic location and a great festival. Hope to see you there!

Gold Medallion Media Awards 

It's a huge honour to be among the Male Vocalist of the Year finalists for the 2017 Gold Medallion Media Awards, which are designed to reflect radio activity and the success of Australian Recording Artists and tracks within each respective state. The GMMA's are judged by radio presenters and broadcasters throughout Australia. Eligible tracks are judged on each artists musical ability and appeal, the quality of the song, musical arrangements and the production quality of the track. I'm humbled to be among the finalists, congratulations and best of luck to you all!


#1 on International Mainstream Country Music Chart! 

The title track and first single release from Lloyd's latest album "Travelling With You" recently spent several weeks at no1 on the International Mainstream Country Music Charts! A huge thank you to Joyce Ramgatie, and the many radio presenters across Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand for your airplay support!

At the same time it was a huge honour for Lloyd to chart  #1 Artist, alongside so many wonderfully talented artists. He's pretty darn excited about it! :)

Download your copy of the album here ('Store' tab) at the discount price of $9.99 AUD and check it out for yourself :)


Special Offer 

Hi there and thanks for visiting my site!  2017 has been a great year with my new album "Travelling With You" doing really well, and to celebrate we have decided to mark down all album downloads to $9.99 AUD (my first EP for $5.99) I hope this makes it possible for a whole lot more people to hear my songs. Happy shopping and thank you so much :)

Celebrating success :) 

Wow! It's been a big few weeks, topping off a great year! 
# 'Travelling with You' - no 1 in the International Mainstream Country Music Chart 
# 'Windale' - 2nd place in the Australian Songwriting Competition 'Australia' category. 
# "Travelling With You" Nominated for 'CD of the Year' - USA Rural Roots Music Commission 

A huge THANK YOU to my beautiful wife Sue xx , my great mate and producer Lindsay Waddington, awesome Kross Kut Records musicians, and Hillcrest and CRS music marketing services. 
To celebrate, we are offering the album "Travelling With You" digital download now for $9.99 AUD, available right here in my Store (along with CDs and all my other music).
If you would like to support and encourage me on my independent artist journey, then simply liking my Facebook page Lloyd Back Music helps!

Thank you so much!


Awesome album review! 

Well I got a really nice album review by BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Association, ( for Country Music News International 
I'm very pleased that Bob acknowledged all the fantastic contributors to the album, they're a brilliant team, thank you so much mate  :) 

It's a bit of a read but, if you're interested, here it is.... 

Lloyd Back - "Travelling With You" 

It amazes me to hear 'country music' as 'real' country music coming from Queensland, Australia. Lloyd Back is an incredibly sincere younger man who 'knows' what country music is all about. He wrote eight of the delightful songs on this album, and what a nice writer he is. BUT, he's much more than that, he has a beautiful 'country' voice, like none I've heard come from Nashville for a number of years now. What a pity, America's real country music is now safely ensconced in the talents and voices of gifted musicians, songwriters, performers and entertainers who live in other lands. Somehow they 'know' what the 'contents' of country music is all about. The same mystical quality that has disappeared from today's so-called country offerings in the USA. This young guy is totally devoted to make sure his songs has a 'story' in it. Something the listener can attach to, to listen to, to understand. This is Lloyd's fourth album for Kross Kut Records. It's his second song on this album "Where I'm Meant To Be" that portrays his magnificent voice in it's rightful glory. What a great album to listen to, and at the same time to feel so sad that our own counterparts in America can't even touch this. Unless of course you go to the back country, rural America if you will, to find it. You'll find it of course, but it's tucked away, far from corporate control. Terrific music, and like Lloyd Back, placing the best foot and song forward as often as possible. Lindsay Waddington produced this session, and like many 'listeners' I am always keen about "can I actually hear the vocalist?'' Yes I can, it's absolutely lovely, very unlike American music that is engulfed with loud noise and little attention to what is being sang or written in words only a few understand. The mix that Waddington placed on this session is remarkable. He kept the vocal out front, words easy to understand, and better....he brought out the instrumentalists in the 'just right' places, making the entire listening experience a really entertaining experience. I've only been on the 'music trail' for something like 70 years, but I really really appreciate the gift of really good instrumentalists. Waddington used some of the best in Australia for this experience. Hugh Curtis on fiddle and mandolin; Lawrie Minson on steel, Dobro, Slide, harp, accordion, and banjo (especially good on 'Dads and Daughters'); Rob O'Sullivan on bass; Lloyd Back on acoustic and rhythm guitars and harmonica (watch for it on 'Windale' just a simple little instrument that can sound so haunting and beautiful), and Lindsay Waddington joined in guitars, bass, drums, and percussion. What a beautiful 'mix' this all turned out to be. Backing vocals were provided by Tyson Colman, Sue Back, Maddison Waddington, and Charli Waddington. It's a super experience to be in the position I'm in to hear such a beautiful rendition of some incredibly gifted original music. Thank you Mr. Back. I'm forwarding this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their "CD of the Year" awards, knowing that it will probably be impossible for you to attend their awards ceremonies in the fall of 2018. Be that as it may, off it goes.